VoIP Solutions

VoIP telephone systems provide rich features without the expense or equipment

Our advanced VoIP telephone systems give you the features of much larger PBX systems, without the expense or equipment. VoIP phone extensions can be in the same building, across the street, or across the globe. Features include 2, 3 and 4 digit extension dialing (even to an extension in another country), speed dialing, conference calls, conference bridges (for larger conference calls), portability, scalability, automatic new feature additions, voicemail, auto-attendant, call center routing, PC-based soft-phones (for traveling personnel), and much more. Whether your business needs 5 extensions or 5,000, there is no central equipment to buy, ever. Everything is hosted, maintained and upgraded off-site. When your business grows, simply add more phones, and never outgrow what you started with. VoIP solutions are also perfect for businesses with multiple locations and for short-term off-site projects. We offer authorized VoIP products and services from globally recognized manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Office Communications Server and more.

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