Thin Computing

Reduce IT expenses and increase security

Our thin computing solutions will save time and drastically reduce IT expenses by eliminating most desktop PCs and MACs and replacing them with thin client terminals. Thin client terminals never need maintenance or upgrading, consume a small fraction of the electricity of a desktop PC, generate no noise or heat, store no data, last for many years, and, best of all, employees experience the same look and feel of traditional Windows or MAC computing. In addition, security is enhanced by eliminating CD drives, USB ports, and other data transfer features commonly found on a PC or MAC; a rogue employee wouldn’t be able to transfer sensitive company data to a portable drive. All data processing is done on one or more servers, with each server capable of handling the computing needs of hundreds of employees. Thin terminal clients can be located in the same building or across the globe. We offer authorized Thin Client products and services from globally recognized manufacturers such as VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Wyse, iGel, Dell and more.


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