Google Certified Partner AdWords Qualified Company

Cyberset Corp is proud to announce new status as a Google AdWords Certified Partner and AdWords Qualified Company. Along with our staff’s decades of combined experience in different IT fields, such as web design/development, internet marketing, computer repair, networking, and search engine optimization, this Google Certified Partner status is another aspect of our company that ensures better results for the search engine marketing accounts we manage for our clients.

The Google AdWords Certification exam was introduced by Google in order to create a way for companies and individuals to demonstrate their knowledge about important aspects of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing. The exam, composed of two parts with 120 questions each, tests the taker’s competence in tracking leads and conversions, client bidding, click through rates, quality scores and many more practical aspects of PPC internet marketing. Cyberset has passed this exam and is proud to be a Google AdWords Certified Partner, a testament to our adeptness and proficiency in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click management. With this certification you can put your trust in our ability to effectively optimize your PPC campaign so that you can get more return from your marketing expenses.

That being said, poorly managed PPC campaigns can lead to upsetting effects both financially and with regards to website ranking. Individuals and businesses go to SEM companies in search of solid conversions for their websites, whether it’s online purchases, filled out forms, phone calls, or site browsing; however, some search marketing companies don’t have the proper familiarity with AdWords to properly manage PPC accounts for their clients, and thousands of dollars can be lost with ineffective PPC marketing tactics with regards to bettering quality scores, determining the best bid amounts, and proper analysis of marketing tactics. With Cyberset, the certification as a Google AdWords partner further ensures that the money you spend on your PPC campaign will be put to good use in increasing your click through rates, enhancing your website conversions and ultimately increasing your revenue.

Through a sincere dedication to customer satisfaction, Cyberset provides quality web optimization and internet marketing services for a wealth of different business fields and sizes. Please call us today at 818 883 7277 to schedule a free consultation regarding how we can best facilitate your SEO, SEM, and PPC internet marketing needs.