Dr. Joseph Stan Brings Experience and Passion to Dentistry

For over 22 years, Dr. Joseph Stan has been passionate about dentistry and helping patients from all over the world love their smile. Throughout his career he has performed over 6000 dental implants, as well as a long list of cosmetic procedures and full-mouth rehabilitation. Patients come from both local and international locations because they wish to experience the passion and talent that Dr. Stan brings to dentistry. He is recognized as a leader in his field and is recognized widely for his continued efforts to be the best of the best. Dr. Stan began his education at California State University, earning a degree in biology and a place at the top of his class. After graduating, he moved on to one of the most renowned dental schools in the world, Northwestern University School of Dentistry, where he was in the top 1 percent of his class. UCLA hosted Dr. Stan’s 1 year residency in Esthetic Dentistry. After finishing the residency, he went on to attend on of the most advanced training programs for dental implants in the world, Misch Implant Institute Program. Even once he graduated and began his illustrious career, Dr. Stan never stopped learning everything he could about the field of dentistry. To this day, he continues to learn about new technology and types of dental treatments so that he can provide even better care for his highly valued patients.

Dr. Joseph Stan Believes In His Patients

For many people, even the thought of going to the dentist causes them anxiety. This is a legitimate phobia and is nothing to be ashamed of. But just because you’re a nervous patient doesn’t mean that you have to have a less-than-stellar smile. Throughout his career, Dr. Joseph Stan has continued to look for new ways to make his patients feel comfortable in his offices. He accomplishes this every day in many different ways. By learning new procedures and taking advantage of new technology, Joseph Stan DDS minimizes recovery time for a wide variety of extensive treatments, as well as making procedures quicker and more effective. He also offers sedation dentistry for patients who wish to be asleep during their procedure. Many patients say that it made the dental treatment feel like it was less than 5 minutes long, so it’s perfect for nervous patients. His offices also offer other means of relaxation, such as aromatherapy, lavender eye masks, and neck pillows. Dr. Joseph Stan believes in his patients and their right to have a gorgeous, breathtaking smile without too much hassle. If you’re interested in learning more about his wide array of services or the methods we use to make patients feel more comfortable, call our offices today.